International Archery Federation

Apart from the opening ceremony which we expect to be spectacular, after each day’s competitions, the athletes, technicians, team managers and coaches can make use of the village, which will be specially set up in the heart of the city of Terni. All services necessary for a pleasant stay will be provided therein. Not only, this Archery Village which opens its doors on 29 August, will be the pulsating soul of the event, where athletes and managers can get to know various cultures, participate in collateral events that will be proposed daily by the organisers. Moreover, it will represent an important means for integrating and introducing this noble sport (which is loved more and more thanks also to the remarkable athletic results obtained by the Italian national team) to the general public.

There will be dynamic spaces for exhibitions, where our territory’s excellent products will be exhibited and where space for various sporting disciplines will be available, where moments for shows and information and space for relaxation, fun and gastronomy will be created. Naturally, the people and means required to obtain the results set by our Company will be the basis of widespread organisation down to the last detail. Many local and foreign TV channels will attend, including RAI who will follow the finals on Saturday. Our press office and FITARCO will be responsible for publicising the wide services revolving around the organisation, progress and results of the event. Specialised magazines and newspapers will give great importance to the event, publishing photos and reportage.

Important sports figures, for example, the gold medal winners from the last Olympics in London will attend various competition days and evenings at the Archery Village. These sports figures together with the Ambassadors of the National Teams will add even more prestige to this important sports celebration. Furthermore on the last day, the value of sport will be discussed at a round table conference organised at the Archery Village before the gala evening gets under way.

Modern competitive archery

Those who are passionate about archery and wish to try something more interesting should give 3D Archery a try. This sport will demand your shooting skills, it will enhance the accuracy of your shots and you will strengthen your confidence if you will manage to shoot at longer distances. There are many places in Italy where you can practice this sport. Whether you go at a club or practice 3D Archery outdoors, you will certainly love it even from the first moment you will grab your arrows.

About 3D Archery

3D Archery has increased in popularity in recent years because this subset of field archery is focused on shooting at life-sized models. Hunters usually play this game to improve their shooting skills and they feel just like when they are hunting outdoors. The goal of 3D Archery is hunting practice and they use field tips or normal targets with the same weight as the intended broadhead.

This subset of archery is one of the most modern competitive sports these days. But the 3D Archery groups have different rules and scoring methods so if you want to practice this game with an Rome escort you might want to find all the details regarding this game. You might need to travel miles away in order to participate to these competitions, but it will worth every second of it.

Archers will improve their skills if they practice 3D Archery on a regular basis. You should join a club and participate too all of its competitions. You will fight against the best archers and your successes – and even loses – will motivate you to get better at this beautiful sport. Any bowhunter knows that if you have a long range shooting from a stationary position you will increase the accuracy of your shots. After several days of practice, shoot while moving and raise the level of your bowhunting skills in the best possible way.

One of the most important things when practicing 3D Archery is to correctly determine the distance between you and your target. Consider the level ground – yes, being on a perfectly leveled background is way easier – and judge the distance before shooting. In a real hunting situation you have to decipher the distance quickly, target and shoot immediately. Your hunting target can move right away, it can run and you will miss it if you will not use your arrows wisely.

Shoot your target like a pro

Shoot at a 3D course and it will bring you as close as possible to a real hunting situation. Regardless it is planned indoors, in a forest or on a field, you must be sure that you will reach your target. Increase your bowhunting skills whenever and wherever you can, because the hunting season will come and you have to be fully prepared to put an arrow in your hunt.

Practice this funny activity as often as you can. Join various bowhunting clubs, try your best to win against your competitors and score regardless the terrain or target. Prepare for the real hunting season with 3D archery and win as many competitions as you can!