3D Archery Competition

Shoot like a champ in 3D Archery competitions

For many years trainers said it was only one correct way to shoot a bow. But because 3D Archery won many enthusiasts and this sport is practices all over the globe, both indoors and outdoors, now we have several types of shooting. You no longer have to push and pull at full draw the bow, while slowly squeezing the back muscles together until you will launch the arrow. One of the most famous 3D Archery champs admitted that he does not use back tension, so there must be other ways to shoot like a pro.

Tips to become a better shooter

Old archers struggle with back tension for years. Hyperaccuracy can be achieved without forcing the back muscles. With enough practice you can extend the range and even shoot 4-inch groups from 100 yards. If you really want to shoot your bow like a champ you have to learn how to shoot ultratight groups at 60 or 80 on the range. There is no need to master back tension because you can succeed without it.

It is easy to shoot in your backyard. Relax, take a deep breath and make sure you will not pull too hard when you will be nervous. Put your stress away, it is not a situation when you will win at 3D Archery. Balance perfectly your bow, naturally pull your bow back and just close your eyes to strike a balance. Stay still, open your eyes and check the bubble. In case it is not quite level, get a side bar and adjust it properly until you will be sure that your arrow will reach its target.

Apply a fluid pressure that is also a bit aggressive if you wish to shoot like a pro. Your bow will fire the right way and you will understand that your bowhunting skills are suited for a real hunting experience. Stay relaxed, don’t push too hard and you will eventually succeed to shoot like a champ.